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    September, US – Car Lease Advisors has announced to offer the unprecedented and finest matching services throughout the United States of America. The one of a kind service includes connecting buyers and sellers across the nation. It is a matching service between car owners who no longer need or desire their car with those people who would like to have the vehicle transferred into their name. Car Lease Advisors also offers a secondary service which is a fully managed peer to peer car rental platform.

    Transferring a car lease has a number of potential issues; is the vehicle being offered at a fair market price, will the lease company allow for a formal car lease transfer and most importantly is the speed in which the lease company will perform such a transfer. Most of the lease companies remain somewhat passive in the transfer of a lease, doing very little to help the consume find relief. As of the writing of this press release 23% of all cars in the United States are leased, and 15% of those people want to get out of the lease for several reasons. Car Lease Advisors works with all types of cars including luxury, sedans, sports, SUVs, wagons, convertibles and coupes, etc.

    “We specialize in matching buyers and sellers.” Which remains the primary mission of the company. The company maintains a call center to handle all inbound calls, relieving the owner from needing to filter the various prospects whom show an interest in their vehicle. The founder of the company has helped consumers with varied financial issues over many years, endeavoring to develop a solution for problems that many customers face.

    The Traditional Lease Transfer is one of the programs offered by the company, and it is meant to connect our sellers with buyers whose credit score allows them to be approved for transfer by the lease or finance company. Lease companies mandate the buyer have a minimum of a 700+ credit score for approval, which in itself presents some issues as the average credit score today is 693. Car Lease Advisors does not hide behind its websites as customers can call directly and speak with an advisor during normal business hours.

    If you have a car which you desire to transfer I would recommend speaking with a Car Lease Advisor today.



    October 2016

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