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    Car Lease Advisors  offers a  very unique service matching vehicle sellers with buyers. We have helped sellers around the United States connect with buyers whom wish to take over a lease or finance payment. Regardless of the program you choose our marketing and advertising platform remains the same. Car Lease Advisors operates two websites which will gain you much exposure in the lease transfer process. Not to mention our call center where we take inbound calls from buyers each and every day. We also advertise your vehicle in the dealer & Non dealer section of Craigslist and blanket the entire State with ads on BackPage.com.

    Traditional Lease Transfer

    The option one program is meant to connect our sellers with buyers whose credit score allows them to be approved for a transfer by the lease or finance company. In this program you may continue to be liable for the monthly payment if the buyer defaults. This is subject to your lease companies internal policy, please inquire with a Car Lease Advisor for further information.

    In most cases the lease or finance company will mandate the buyer have a minimum of a 700+ credit score to be approved. Once Car Lease Advisors secures a buyer we will pre-qualify them prior to submitting their application to the lease or finance company as to prevent removing the vehicle from the market to only find out they can not be approved.

    What MakesCar Lease Advisors Different?

    We do not hide behind our websites. All of our advertising clearly states our telephone number which promotes the buyer to call in and chat with a live rep. On average we will take 50-70 phone calls to find just the right buyer and the process can take up to eight weeks to complete.

    Unlike our competition we do not force a buyer to register or pay a fee prior to discussing your vehicle. We would love to, but we understand this will decrease greatly the number of inquiries we would receive.

    Our motto is simple; we specialize in the art of human interaction. This makes a big difference when your attempting to get the deal done. As I mentioned almost sixty percent of the callers would not qualify for a formal lease transfer as their credit score may be just under the required magic number. For these folks we introduce them to our Peer To Peer Ride Share Market Place.

    Selling a car is always a pain, no matter how you slice it.Car Lease Advisors alleviates much of the stress through the process.

    Your time is worth something and dealing with strange people calling, texting or emailing you at all times of the day and night can become very frustrating. Not to mention the concern for your safety. Regardless of the program you select, we are certain that we can solve whatever car issue you may have while in the process of meeting whatever objective you desire.

    Remember, Car Lease Advisors  is all about you – if you are happy, so are we.  Call us today and let us take the hassle and risk out of selling your vehicle.  A satisfied client is always our goal.

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